This isn’t Chicken!

Ashton: Ooh, looks like this is the last thing for the head peep to pack to take with her and Plush Ashton as she leaves for her trip to BlogPaws, the social media conference for pets.

Ashton peers over edge of candy bowlThis stuff smells really good, and if you’re going to be at the conference, be sure to ask her for some chocolate.

catsherdyou_candy_ashton 01_wmShe may act like the chocolate is from her, but it’s really from me. I’m sending this to all of you since I can’t attend in the fur. Unlike some of the other dogs and even cats who will be there, I’m too afraid to go to events like that. So if you’re attending this year, I’m sending you some goodies that I thoroughly inspected myself.

candy closeupIf you’re really lucky, you might get one of the candies where I chewed on the little paper flag on the packaging. I promise I didn’t eat any of the chocolate, though.

Ashton prepares to sample the candySo if the head peep is slow to answer messages over the next few days, you’ll know it’s because she’s carrying treats across the country for me. Don’t worry, she’ll be back soon, with lots of photos of the event, I’m sure. Until then, we have blog posts set to run automatically, and we’ll be sharing photos from the conference on our Facebook page.

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Let’s Get Packing!

Newton: As spokescat, I had better get packing for the BlogPaws social media conference this week so I don’t miss my ride!

Newton_standing_in_luggageWhat do you mean, I can’t just go along in here? It’s pretty comfortable.

Newton lounging in luggageI can’t reach the lid. Can you do it for me?

Newton looks at luggage lid

Of course, you should never actually pack your cats in your luggage for travel. If Newton was coming along on this trip, he would be riding in style in his very own carrier.

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Window Watcher

Ashton: I’m watching everyone go by outside the window while I bask in the sun. Isn’t that what humans do on Memorial Day, bask in the sun?

Ashton looks out windowThere’s nothing like the feeling of sun in your fur!

Ashton in the sunI hope that all of you who are celebrating Memorial Day are enjoying sunshine and cookouts. Save me some grilled chicken, OK?

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Outtake Friday

It’s Outtake Day, which means you get to peek into the cutting room and see some recent photos that didn’t make it to the blog for one reason or another.

Newton: This toy would look even more interesting if Ashton wasn’t looking totally bored in the background of my photo.

Ashton don't play that Newton: Who says I need to sit at the table using the chair?

Newtin is eager to see what's on the tablePierre: I have the longest tongue in all of Florida. Want to see it?

Pierre long tongue

Pierre: If that wasn’t enough face-making for you, try this catnip-induced goofy expression.

Pierre's funny expression

Newton: Can you believe how off-key he sings?

Newton Photobombs Pierre's AriaHave a safe holiday weekend, and don’t do anything that gets you into your family’s next outtake reel!

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