Red Dot Invasion

What big eyes you have, Pierre!

Pierre: This is my hunting face.

gray tabby cat with big, dark eyes

I’m hunting the red dot. It came out from under the ottoman and is trying to hide under the pillow on the sofa, but I know it’s there.

gray tabby bathed in red glow

So close! I almost got it, but it moves fast.

gray tabby cat and red dot glow

Come back here, red dot! I’m not done with you!

gray tabby cat wtaches red glow depart

Fine, run back under the ottoman where you belong, red dot. I can’t blame you for being afraid of a mighty hunter like me.


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Eyes form a Cat’s Face Shape

One of the first things I noticed five years ago after the surgery to remove Ashton’s eye was how much it changed the shape of one side of her face. Even before the swelling from the surgery went away, that whole side of her face looked surprisingly smaller, almost deflated.

It’s something I see every day, so I don’t think about any more, and until now, I never took a photo that showed the difference in the shape of that side of her face and a normal cat’s. But the photo below happened to be at the exact right angle.

one-eyed brown tabby cat facing right

Do you see how you could practically put a ruler along her whole cheekbone, it’s so flat? (Pro tip: don’t stick a ruler in Ashton’s face. Her lack of depth perception means she really doesn’t like that kind of thing.)

Compare the shape of the left side of Ashton’s face to the shape of Pierre’s face, taken at a similar angle.

gray tabby cat semiprofile facing left

His face bows outward. It is especially noticeable in the area below his eye, known as the maxillary region. You can see it curves inward to meet the corner of his eye. Ashton’s face does not have that curve. While there is a bone in that part of a cat’s face, the maxilla (the namesake of the maxillary region), it isn’t enough to give the face that characteristic shape. Your cat’s eye does a bit part of that, too.

Of course, the shape of Ashton’s face doesn’t make any difference in how she feels or behaves. Her permanent wink makes her that much more endearing.

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Ashton Holds a Grudge

Ashton: You probably remember it was my fifth gotcha day a couple weeks ago. You’ll never believe what’s been happening since then, so I’m here to fill you in.

one-eyed brown tabby cat

I was feeling really good on my gotcha day, so good I took my own collar off. I just love the feeling of wind in my neck fur, don’t you?

The head peep is a big believer in our wearing identification on our collars. So she picked up the collar and tried to put it on me.

Hey, I like to cuddle in bed with my favorite human at night as much as the next cat. I like to cuddle more than the next cat, because Newton doesn’t cuddle. But don’t use your grabby hands on me. Cuddling has to be on my terms, and this wasn’t cuddling. It was holding. I don’t do holding!

one-eyed brown tabby cat hides behind ottoman

I used all of my claws and escaped, leaving the head peep bleeding. I probably would have felt bad about that, but she wouldn’t take no for an answer. This was war! A human and a kitty facing off in war isn’t really fair, because humans can move furniture. There should be a rule preventing that.

Whether I liked it or not, I ended up wearing my collar again. And the head peep went away to the bathroom to bandage her wounds. Maybe I feel a little bad about that now, but I didn’t at the time. I was one angry kitty.

If the head peep thought everything would just be forgiven after that, she had another thing coming. She had used grabby hands on me, and I wasn’t going to come anywhere near her! Well, except at meal time, when I would always show up but be sure to stay just out of reach of those hands.

one-eyed brown tabby cat on wood floor

Usually I sleep with the head peep every night. But not after that mistreatment! She would get up in the middle of the night to look for me and find me napping in the front window or curled up on my sofa in the sunroom.

But the one that really got her was that I let the manpeep pet me while I was on the cat tree, but if she approached, I would jump down and run away. I knew how to hold a grudge and make her feel it.

One-eyed brown cat is petted by a man's hand

Finally, after thirteen days, I decided maybe I should forgive her. When she got out of the shower, I ran to the bed and asked for her to pet me. Would you believe she held back at first, not sure if I was just going to run away again? Humans can be so dense.

And of course, I came to bed that night. Right on time at bedtime, and I stayed there all night. After all, sleeping in less comfortable places wasn’t nearly as fun as cuddling all night.

So that’s the story of how long I can hold a grudge over having my collar put back on. The real question is what will happen the next time I take my collar off. Do you think the head peep will try to put it back on me?

one-eyed broen tabby cat looks skeptical

I don’t think so.


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Flashback Friday for National Hammock Day

Pierre: It’s National Hammock Day, and that reminded me of when I used to hang out in the cat hammock all the time. Oh, the good old days, when I could curl up there, minding my own business, enjoying peace and quiet…

gray tabby cat in cat tree hammock

Newton: Whatcha doing up there? Is there room for me, too?

orange tabby cat looks at gray tabby cat resting in cat tree hammock

Pierre: Then I remembered why I don’t hang out there so much any more. It’s too close to the ground, where my daydreams are easily interrupted by things that are naughty and orange.

gray tabby cat in cat tree hammock

Pierre: I hope you have more luck celebrating National Hammock Day than I did!

Congratulations to our Giveaway Winners

Before we curl up on your hammock for the weekend, we wanted to pause and congratulate our winners on two recent giveaways:

SureFeed Pet Bowl Winner - Laila & Minchie

The SureFeed sealed pet bowl giveaway winner is none other than our blogging pals, Laila & Minchie!

meowbox giveaway winner

The three-month meowbox subscription giveaway winner is Susan Smoaks. Concatulations!


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