Kitty Capsizing

Pierre: One of the best things to do with catnip is roll in int. That way, you have it all in your fur and you can smell like catnip when you bathe. It’s like getting a bonus catnip buzz!

Pierre rolls in catnipUnless your rolling gets too enthusiastic and you get out of control…

Pierre rolls out of controlCan we just pretend you didn’t see that? No one saw that, did they?

Pierre holds the sisal post

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Junk Food Junkie

Ashton would like to take this opportunity to thank whoever invented National Cheese Doodle Day, even though no one seems to know who it was. It’s one of her favorite holidays!

Newton: Oh, boy. A cheese doodle, and it’s all mine!

Ashton: ** tiptoes closer **

Ashton is eyeing Newton's cheese doodleNewton: Hey, Ash, whatcha doing?

Ashton: Slowly back away from the cheese doodle and no one has to get hurt here.

Newton: Your cheese doodle? This is my cheese doodle!

Ashton: If you don’t go right now, I’m going to make sure the head peep finds the broken –

Newton: All right, all right. You can have this one.

Ashton_Newton_cheese_doodle_02_wmAshton: Oh, look. It’s a cheese doodle. All for me!

Ashton sniffs cheese doodleAshton: I think I’m just going to take this somewhere safer to have my little snack.  Ashton_cheese_doodle_04_wmAshton: ** CRUNCH **    Yum!

Ashton_cheese_doodle_02_wmDon’t worry, Newton got a cheese doodle, too. He got his stuck to the roof of his mouth and it took him a while to work it free. He was never in any danger or distress, but it isn’t a snack he should eat unattended.

Newton_cheese_doodle_mouth_wmCats may like occasional snacks of species-inappropriate food, but keep in mind that most human snacks are heavy on the calories, and they aren’t appropriate for more than an occasional taste by your cat.

The cheese doodles Ashton and Newton crunched in these photos are about ten calories each. Ashton ate two during the course of our photo shoot, which is over ten percent of the calories allotted to her daily on her weight loss diet. That’s kind of like you eating almost a whole hot dog and bun. So cheese doodles aren’t regular snacks around here for anyone… but we make an exception now and then for special occasions, like National Cheese Doodle Day!

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Saving the Chickens by Spreading the Word

Ashton: Oh my COD, the message that Newton wrote in the sky last week is fading.

Ashton looks up in frustrationAshton: We were finally starting to raise awareness of the chicken shortage, and now the message is blowing away! save the chickens skywriting is blurry

Ashton: What am I going to do? No chickens means I’ll never open my chicken emporium! People need to conserve chickens!

Pierre: * sigh * My work is never done. Let me make a few calls, Ashton.

Pierre and old-fashioned phonePierre: All right, I didn’t get you a skywriter, but this is even better.  

Save the Chickens painted on water towerPierre: And one more.

Wrigley_LED_Save_Chickens_wmAshton: Well that should get the message out. If everybody is saves the chickens, I’ll be able to taste them in my emporium any day now.

If you missed them, catch up on all of our chicken capers.

Photo credits:

Wrigley Sign – Antonio Delgado on Flickr
Water tower – osseous on Flickr

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What if Cats had Thumbs?

If cats had opposable thumbs, what do you think they would do?

Newton looks at cat food cansNewton: It isn’t nice to tease like this, human. I know where you sleep. Just saying.

Newton sits next to cat food cans

You may notice that we aren’t around visiting our friends’ blogs this week. The head peep is at Global Pet Expo, checking out what’s new in the pet industry before it makes it to your local pet store. She promised to bring back a wrap-up of the highlights of the show next week!

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What’s in a Name?

For Fun Facts about Names Day, we’re sharing how we got our names.

Pierre: I was part of a litter of kittens who lived under a tarp in a boat that was stored on a trailer. The owner of the boat had no idea we were even in there. One day, he hooked the trailer up to his car and drove off with the boat, and we were on board! Our mother wasn’t on board with us, though, and no one could find us. Lucky for us, we were taken in by a small rescue and had a wonderful foster who raised us until we were big enough to be adopted. She gave us all nautical names because we were found in a boat, and I was named Pier. When I was adopted, the name Pier sounded confusing, so I was renamed something that still honored my foster Mom’s original name for me: Pierre.

Pierre lounges on the unmade bed

Ashton: It’s probably hard for humans to remember back that far, but in the summer of 2011, you were all having to listen to news about the Casey Anthony trial. I was born that summer to feral parents, probably within a mile of the courthouse. Of course, I wasn’t watching the news or anything, but after the head peep rescued me from the highway median, Aunt Orvis suggested naming me Ashton after one of the attorneys in the trial that had gone on all summer so close to where I was found. Please don’t remind Newton I was named after a boy. He has teased me about it most of my life.

Ashton looks in from porch

Newton: You two have such long stories about your names! Mine is short: I’m named Newton because I’m a force of nature. Usually a naughty force of nature!

Newton on the porch

How did you get your name?

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Hiding Place, Interrupted

Has anyone seen Pierre?

Pierre: Don’t tell I’m hiding under here.

Pierre_camping_sofa_01_wmI see that you aren’t going away. What does a mancat have to do to get a little peace and quiet to get away from it all?

Pierre_camping_sofa_02_wmLet’s play a game. You cover your yes and count to a really high number and I’m going to find a new hiding place.

Pierre_camping_sofa_03_wmNope, I’m not telling you where I went to hide. Keep those eyes covered. Ashton and Newton are enjoying watching you look silly with your hands over your eyes.

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National Tell a Fairy Tale Day

When we turned the page of the calendar and saw National Tell a Fairy Tale Day, Newton insisted that there was only one story that would do: Puss in Boots.

Newton in bootsHe does bear a little bit of resemblance to some of the recent cartoon adaptations of that character, doesn’t he?

There are many versions of the story, but the most enduring version of Puss in Boots, was published in a collection of fairy tales by Charles Perrault, which called it, “The Master Cat or Puss in Boots.” In the story, when a miller passes away, the youngest son of a miller watches his older brothers inherit the mill and his father’s donkey, while all he inherits is his father’s cat. He sees that his brothers are going to be able to combine their inheritances to earn a living, but his inheritance of the cat isn’t going to bring him any benefit.

The cat insists that if the young man gets him a pair of boots and a bag, he will be able to help after all, and the young man does as he asks. Soon, the cat begins to catch game and bring it to the King, telling him that it is from the Marquis of Crabas. The cat continues to bring gifts for two or three months, always telling the Kingthey are from the Marquis.

One day, when the King and the Princess are out in the carriage, the cat tells his master to bathe in the river. While his master is bathing, the cat hides his clothes, and then he runs to the road to ask the king for help for the Marquis of Carabas. The King recognizes the cat from his many visits bearing gifts, and when the cat says that the Marquis was set upon thieves while bathing and is now drowning, the King sends his guards to rescue the Marquis from the river. The king gives the Marquis a change of clothes. The princess is quite taken with the young Marquis.

The cat runs ahead and uses threats to convince the people working the land that they should tell the King that their land belongs the Marquis of Carabas. The young man uses this to help convince the King that he already holds vast estates. The cat even kills an ogre so that his master can pretend that the ogre’s castle belongs to the Marquis of Crabas. The king believes the young man is wealthy, the princess falls in love with him, and the Princess and young man wed.

In the end, the puss in boots who made the miller’s son into the Marquis of Carabas and then a prince never has to chase a mouse again unless he wants to.

If would like to read the original version of this story, which the University of Adelaide has it available to read online for free as part of their public domain eBooks project at Puss in Boots.

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Save the Chickens

Newton: What’s wrong, Ashton?

Ashton: My telethon failed. The chickens won’t be saved. My chicken emporium will never happen when the chickens go extinct.

Newton: Couldn’t you just dream about something else? Like cheese? I haven’t heard anything about cheese extinction.

Newton Watches Sad Ashton Ashton: No, Newton. You can’t just change your dreams like that. Cheese isn’t the same. You don’t understand what it’s like to have your dreams crushed.

Newton: I don’t want to see your dreams crushed. You aren’t even any fun to chase around the house like this. If you can’t have a telethon, I’ll help get the word out.

Ashton: How?

save the chickens skywritingAshton: Wow, Newton! People everywhere are going to see  that!

Ashton: Can you see the message from your house, too?

If you missed them, catch up on all of our chicken capers.

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Why Spay and Neuter?

Our topical Thursday comes early this week because it’s World Spay Day. Today, we’re asking a simple question: why should you spay or neuter your cat?

Pet Overpopulation

The most obvious reason is overpopulation. Pet overpopulation is a huge crisis, with estimates ranging up to 70 million stray cats in the US. There are more cats than there are homes, and millions lose their lives in shelters every year.  Spaying and neutering can help!

one unspayed female cat can make a lot of kittens in a year

Female cats can start reproducing as early as five months old, and will continue to have litter after litter. And of course, unneutered males are needed to impregnate intact females, so spay and neuter helps break the cycle. and keeps extra cats out of the overburdened system.

Health Benefits

In addition to preventing reproduction, spay and neuter helps ensure your cat’s future health.


cat with sthethescopeNeutered male cats can’t get testicular cancer, and they have an average longer lifespan than unneutered cats. Males are less likely to wander and be lost or be injured in fights. As a result, they are less likely to be infected by diseases like feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), which is transmitted by deep bite wounds.


Spayed female cats can’t get uterine or ovarian cancer, and their risk of both cervical and mammary cancer are significantly reduced.

You Can Afford Spay/Neuter!

Some people don’t spay or neuter because they think it’s just not in the budget, but many communities have programs to help subsidize spay and neuter. For more information on subsidized spay and neuter in your part of the US:

Make a difference for your cat. Be sure to spay or neuter.

Photo credit: depositphotos/photo-deti

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Finding a Warm Spot

Newton: The head peep caught a bug this past weekend. Not the fun kind of bug you chase around the house, either. That meant the heated blanket made an appearance. The heated blanket is much better than either of my cat beds in the bedroom.

Newton on heated blanketMmmmm, this side is warm and toasty. I’m almost ready to turn over and warm up my other side to I stay nice and even.

Newton_on_heated_blanket_03_wmI finally got the controller. Score! This is better than the remote for the TV set. I get yelled at when I start pressing buttons on that one. This one… where’s the button for “summer sun puddle”?

Newton with heated blanket controller

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