View from the Cat Tree

Pierre: You can just get down from there. I know you’re lurking to try to get any leftover treats because at treat time, I get mine right here.

Newton: No, I’m not looking for treats. I’m…. looking for birds.

orange tabby cat and gray tabby cat on wine crate cat tree

Pierre: Birds?

Newton: Sure, that’s why I’m up higher than you, so I can see the birds better. Look, there goes one now!

Pierre: Where? I don’t see a bird!

orange tabby cat and gray tabby cat on wine crate cat tree

Newton: You are so easy.

Pierre: There wasn’t a bird. Stop trying to trick me into giving you my prime treat-accepting location.

orange tabby cat and gray tabby cat on wine crate cat tree

Newton: Well, if you insist. I’ll leave you here. I’ll just go where the real birds are.

Pierre: Real birds?

gray tabby cat looks at orange tabby cat

Newton: See ya!

Pierre: But where are the real birds?

gray tabby cat watches orange tabby cat jump from wine crate cat tree

Pierre: Do you think he’s trying to pull a fast one to make me give up my spot?

gray tabby cat on wine crate cat tree

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Manscaping Appointment

Newton: Do you want to know why I’m sitting in the tree, looking annoyed?

orange tabby cat annoyed on cat tree

Because while Ashton was enjoying her Black Friday, I had to go to the vet to get the mats shaved out from under my arms. Don’t I look thrilled about the whole thing? I’m not a fan of coming here for my manscaping.

Orange tabby cat in sleepypod at vet

What do you mean, you want me to come out and get a nice picture taken? No thanks, I’m going to stay right in here until you take me home, carrier and all. If I come out, you’ll subject me to public humiliation.

Orange tabby cat peeks out of carrier at vet

There actually wasn’t any public humiliation this time. My usual vet was out of town, and the backup vet insisted on taking me in back for my armpit shaving, unlike Dr. K’s usual procedure. The head peep didn’t make a big fuss because she could hear Dr. M in the middle of trying to get a puppy transferred to the vet specialists for specialty surgery, and she felt bad for the vet staff and puppy’s family. So I have that puppy to think for my not having public humiliation this time around. I’m thinking good thoughts for that unknown puppy!

orange tabby cat in Sleepypod at vet

Can we go home to turkey leftovers now?

orange tabby cat with shaved armpits

HEY, I thought we agreed there was going to be no public humiliation about my armpits today!

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Black Friday Chicken Emporium Pint Glass Giveaway

Ashton: Oh, hi! I’m so glad you’re here, because the humans are gone. They said something about black Friday and left the house. I don’t see anything black about it. Humans are strange.

While they’re gone, I have a big announcement.

one-eyed brown tabby cat looks over shoulder

It’s the holiday season, and what better way to celebrate by giving gifts to you, my friends? You’re the ones who have helped me work toward my dream of having a chicken emporium. So today, we’re starting the first ever Ashton’s Chicken Emporium giveaway here on the blog.

If you are one of our friends who attended BlogPaws, you may have seen these in person, but most of you haven’t. So I wanted to give all of my readers the chance to win a pair of Ashton’s Chicken Emporium pint glasses. I’m giving away two-glass sets of these to three lucky winners.

brown tabby cat with Ashton's Chicken Emporium glasses

You can enter this giveaway from anywhere in the world! Entries are open through Friday, December 4. Winners will be selected by Rafflecopter and notified by email. Winners have have 48 hours to respond with shipping information, otherwise new winners will be drawn.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway is not sponsored. It is a gift from me to my readers to thank you for all of the support for my chicken emporium.

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Giving Thanks

We are wishing all of you who are celebrating today a very happy Thanksgiving.

Pierre, Ashton, and NewtonWe are thankful for YOU!

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