Fresh Air Intruder

Ashton: We have finally had the first breath of not-summer here, which means my second favorite thing (after chicken): An open door to the front porch.

brown tabby cat by open door

Ashton: I love to smell the wild things outdoors.   * SNIFF *   What’s that? It’s not a wild thing.

brown tabby cat by open door with orange tabby cat in background

Newton: I can be wild sometimes!

Ashton: Wildly annoying, maybe. Code orange fresh air pollution.

brown tabby cat by open door with orange tabby cat outside

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Why do Some Cats Like Olives?

My friend Anna-Marie told me recently that one of her cats is crazy for olives. I was surprised, and I had never heard of that. Then again, since I don’t like olives, there’s no likelihood that one of my cats would find one around the house, either.

cat reaching for olivesFor the purposes of science, that was going to have to change.

In the meantime, I did some research. Olives are well-known for containing oleic acid. In fact, oleic acid is the component of olive oil responsible for its ability help to lower blood pressure in humans.

Oleic acid is also a component of the facial pheromones your cat spreads by rubbing her chin against you or objects in the house. In fact, the artificial pheromone diffusers for cats you can purchase to plug in around the house have oleic acid as an ingredient in the synthetic pheromone.

It’s likely that cats who enjoy olives are actually responding to the oleic acid in the olives. They aren’t hoping to drop one into a martini or anything.

Cats have been known to go wild over squished odorous ants, which also contain oleic acid. So there seems to be a connection. My cats may never have seen an olive, but we have had ant invasions in the past, and they were completely uninterested. Maybe the ants in Florida wear deodorant.

At any rate, it was nearly time to try this olive thing at home. Not knowing anything about olives except I don’t like them on my pizza, I went to Whole Foods and selected four different olives from the olive bar. My main criteria was that they were all different and that none of them contained garlic or onions in the ingredient list.

olives in a takeout container

I cut up very small pieces and put them on a plate for the cats to inspect.

Pierre: What did you get on your ear? It smells funny!

Ashton: It’s not me!    * SNIFF SNIFF *   It’s the stuff on this plate.

gray cat sniffs brown tabby cat as she sniffs olives

Newton: What ARE those things? They’re on a plate like food, but they don’t smell like food.

orange tabby cat reaches out a paw to touch olives

Ashton: If it’s on a plate, I think you’re supposed to eat it, not play with it.

Newton: I don’t see YOU eating it, Miss Smartystripes.

Ashton: I was saving whatever it is for you. Go right ahead.

Newton: No, that’s all right.   * SCRATCH  SCRATCH *

orange tabby cat buries olives as brown tabby cat looks on

Newton: We don’t know what it is, but we’re holding out for something more appetizing.

orange tabby cat stares over a plate of olive fragments

Our household test was a bit of a failure. Olives got twelve paws down here, but apparently there are lots of cats out there who really love them. Do your cats love (or hate) olives?

References and further reading

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Wordless Wednesday: Don’t Bring That Inside Edition

orange tabby cat with lizard

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Meowbox Review and Discount Code

Monthly subscription boxes have been popular for a while. Beauty products, snacks, even treats for dogs. So it’s only fair that there’s a subscription box just for cats, too, right?

Meowbox arrives in mailboxWhen the Meowbox people reached out to us to ask how if we would like to review their monthly cat subscription box, it sounded like a great chance to check out something new.  The idea of having a box full of goodies just for us show up was irresistible.

The experience was different from the start, with an email that arrived to let us know that our Meowbox had shipped. There was even a tracking number that allowed us to check on where the box was every day until it arrived in our mailbox.

The email with a tracking number also had a second, more special, tracking number. Meowbox gives back to shelter cats. For every Meowbox, they give a can of food to a shelter cat, and you can use a tracking code to see whee the status of the can deonated on behalf of your Meowbox.

One Box Can trackingMeowbox calls this One Box Can, but we just call it heartwarming.

Newton: Enough talk. Cn we open the Meowbox now? I don’t have thumbs, so I can’t do this myself.

Orange tabby cat and meowbox

Newton: Our box came personalized just for us! The Meowbox humans do this for every box, and it made me feel extra-special. They even drew a heart for us. I love you, too!

I really like the packaging, and I can’t wait to destroy that tissue paper and the feather so lovingly attached to it with a sticker. Can we get past the postcard that lists the good stuff inside and actually see the good stuff now?

orange tabby cat spots open Meowbox

Look at all of the fun stuff that came in the box!

September 2015 Meowbox

Pierre: I get to make the first choice from the Meowbox because I’m the oldest.

Newton: You’re old all right!

Pierre: I’m not THAT old. And I know catnip when I smell it. This irresistible catnip mouse is my favorite. Check out the suede tail on it!

gray tabby cat makes selection from Meowbox as orange tabby cat looks on

Newton: Well, while you play with that mouse, I’m taking this one.

orange tabby cat and Multiplet catnip mouse

Newton: This is a Fatty Mouse. Not only does it crinkle, but it’s full of catnip, and it has filling made of recycled water bottles. I think that the crinkly sound inside is made by little water bottles moving around in there.

orange tabby cat and Multiplet catnip mouse

Pierre: There aren’t just mice. There’s also a wooly caterpillar. There’s something irresistible about this. Maybe it’s the smell of the wool or something.

gray tabby cat with wooly caterpillar

Newton: It’s not all toys and games. Then there are the grain-free jerky treats. You know what? If you sneak up on your human while she is trying to open them, she makes a loud, startled noise and jerky treats fly all over the floor.

Ashton: Way to go, Newton! We’ll have these cleaned up from the floor in no time.

orange tabby cat and brown tabby cat eat treats from floor

Newton: The Meowbox people said that if we were picky or were on special diets, we could have ordered a special no-food version of the Meowbox for delivery instead and gotten all toys instead of having treats.

Ashton: Don’t you dare tell them not to send us treats!

Newton: The final item in the Meowbox is pet grass that you can grow yourself. This looks so easy to do that even the head peep could probably grow it, and she kills plants just by looking at them. I can’t wait to have fresh greens to graze on!

Pet Greens package

The Meowbox is a real hit, stuffed with fun things that we really loved. We give it twelve enthusiastic paws up!

Want more information? You can visit Meowbox on the web or keep up with their latest news on Facebook.

Meowbox Discount Code

Do you want to get your own Meowbox for a ready-made cat party in your mailbox, too? You can get 10% off your first Meowbox subscription at with promo code CATSHERDYOU10.

FTC Disclosure: We received our Meowbox in exchange for our honest review. Receiving free product did not influence anything we say. All opinions expressed on this site are our own.

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